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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I bruise?

Bruising is possible with all injectable and laser treatments. Some more than others but best practice is to avoid ibuprofen and aspirin products as well as fish oil supplements for 2 weeks prior to your appointment. You can also start taking Arnica tablets 2 days before your treatment to help minimize bruising.

How much do treatments cost?

Each treatment is charged differently. Some are based on a number of units, others on the number of syringes. Laser, radio frequency, and other services treatments are usually per encounter and most of these cost less if you purchase a series. Our prices are also found throught our website. If you have any questions, please call our office and we are happy to help, but please understand that the person on the phone is not a provider and will generally recommend that you come in for an in-person consultation.

Will the treatment hurt?

The perception of pain is highly individualized. The level of discomfort experienced from the same treatment can differ significantly among different clients. Nevertheless, we make every effort to mitigate any discomfort by utilizing numbing cream and lidocaine whenever possible. Our aim is to minimize any potential discomfort you may feel during the procedure.

What is the difference between Botox® and fillers?

Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators. They relax certain muscles on your face so that movement of that muscle is minimized for the duration of the medicine's effect. When movement is limited so is the formation of lines. Dermal fillers on the other hand, plump up wrinkles and smooth out lines. Neuromodulators last 3-4 months on average and dermal fillers can last 6 months - 2 years depending on the product and placement.

What are your hours of operation?

Please be aware that our operating hours vary between our two locations.
Santa Rosa: Tuesday through Friday - 9 am to 7 pm
Larkspur: Tuesday through Friday - 9 am to 6 pm

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer financing through CareCredit. CareCredit is an easy way to finance your treatments, often interest-free for six to 12 months, depending on your credit rating. We are happy to help you with the application before your treatment, so you can find the payment plan that works for you. Find out more »

Should I remove my makeup prior to arriving at my treatment?

To accurately evaluate your lines and wrinkles and administer the injections, it is necessary for the skin to be clean in the targeted treatment area. If you arrive at your appointment wearing makeup, we will need to remove it prior to your treatment. Rest assured, you will have the opportunity to reapply your makeup before you leave our facility.

How soon can expect to see results?

Of course, it depends on the treatment you have selected. Visible improvements are typically noticeable within approximately 3 to 5 days after the treatment. During this time, you may experience a tighter sensation in the skin, along with reduced movement and wrinkling in the injected areas. It may take up to 2 weeks to fully witness the desired outcomes. For static lines and wrinkles, gradual reduction can occur over time, particularly with repeated treatments.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment, allowing us to offer it to another client on our waiting list. We consider your appointment as a commitment, and failing to cancel within the required 24-hour notice will incur a $100 fee to compensate for the provider's time. You can learn more about our cancellation policy here.