The Matrix Different

Live Webinar Today – Tuesday 08-29-2023 at 4pm PST

Join our very own Dr. Chilcott for a live webinar to learn about Candela‘s latest innovation in RF microneedling: The Profound Matrix®, powered by Dimensional RFTM. This technology is designed to build new collagen and improve the overall skin appearance and texture of your patients skin, including fine lines and wrinkles.

This webinar will incorporate:

  • An introduction to this innovative multi-application system that includes 3 unique modalities of RF energy
  • Dr. Chilcott’s expertise on the Matrix Pro® applicator
  • An in-depth review of selected case studies
  • An interactive Q&A session with Dr. Chilcott

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Profound Matrix® – Powered by Dimensional RF™, a multi-application radiofrequency platform designed to treat a diverse range of skin types along the skin aging journey.

A bit more information about what Lasers & Radio Frequency treatments are

Are you familiar with Morpheus8, Scarlet, or Vivace? At, Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we offer different types of laser and radio frequency treatments at both of our Santa Rosa and Larkspur medical spa locations. One of them is MatrixPro by Candela, a revolutionary Radio Frequency MicroNeedling innovation that surpasses the capabilities of these existing machines in terms of effectiveness, flexibility, and power. It is important to note that due to FDA regulations concerning medical devices, there are certain limits to what the company can officially communicate or promote. Nonetheless, based on our firsthand experience, the results achieved with the MatrixPro are truly remarkable!