Meet Miss August... Shawna Fellows

Shawna FellowsIntroducing Shawna Fellows, our extraordinary esthetician at our Larkspur location, bringing over two decades of experience as a licensed esthetician. Her love for educating her clients on the importance of clinical skincare products and treatments is truly wonderful, especially when it comes to her passion for Dermaplaning and HydraFacials.

Shawna finds immense joy in witnessing her clients' immediate results and helping them achieve their skincare goals, forming lasting bonds along the way. Each day at the medical spa fills her heart with excitement as she collaborates with other providers who share the same unwavering dedication to beauty and wellness.

On top of her exceptional skills and expertise, Shawna's genuinely kind and warm-hearted nature makes her an absolute delight to work with. Her caring and compassionate approach towards both clients and colleagues creates a nurturing and positive atmosphere at our medical spa. Shawna goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels valued and comfortable, building a sense of trust and camaraderie among the team.

Whether it is sharing helpful tips with her coworkers or brightening someone's day with her infectious smile, her presence truly uplifts the spirits of those around her. Her unwavering support and encouragement make her not only an outstanding esthetician but also an extraordinary friend and teammate. We feel truly fortunate to have someone as remarkable as Shawna as part of our team, enriching both our clients' experiences and our work environment with her genuine kindness.

Shawna's Favorite Products


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What is the reason behind having a Miss every month?

At Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we deeply appreciate and recognize the skills of our team. Each staff member contributes a unique perspective that benefits everyone. They all have their preferred products and treatments as well as their areas of expertise.

Our goal is to share their expertise with you, so each month, we select one team member to share their personal favorite MedSpa treatments and products, allowing you to benefit from their knowledge. It is also a way to better know them. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

We also would like to invite you to explore our blog, where we share valuable perspectives on a variety of med spa treatments. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about the benefits and important factors related to various choices. Additionally, you'll discover a curated assortment of uplifting articles crafted to spark inspiration and lift your outlook.


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