Meet Miss September... Thao

Thao Le-TranThao is a Registered Nurse and a dedicated mother of three beautiful children aged 12, 9, and 7. Born in Saigon, Vietnam, she was raised in the picturesque Sonoma County, where she has thrived both personally and professionally. Her passion for working with people and her genuine desire to make a positive impact on their lives have been the driving forces behind her career.

Thao's journey in the medical field began when she earned her Associates Degree in Nursing from the esteemed College of Marin. Since then, she has been continuously expanding her knowledge and expertise, currently working towards her Master's in Nursing. Although she specializes in Women's Health, her fascination with the human body knows no bounds, and she eagerly embraces any opportunity to learn more about it.

Beyond her career in nursing, Thao is an altruistic soul who finds immense fulfillment in volunteering as a birth doula. By assisting families during their labor and deliveries, she extends her support to those who might not have access to the help they need.

Recently, Thao has taken on an exciting new role as an Aesthetic Provider at Morpheus, a testament to her dedication and passion for making others feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. She is thrilled to be part of such a supportive team, and her experience as a nurse, along with her compassionate nature, will undoubtedly enhance the lives of everyone she encounters.

In all aspects of her life, Thao remains committed to enriching the lives of others. As a mother, nurse, volunteer, and aesthetic provider, she strives to make a meaningful difference and leave a positive mark on the world. Her warmth, empathy, and love for learning make her an exceptional individual who brings joy and comfort to those around her.

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