PRP Vaginal Injections

Book NowAt Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we are excited to offer treatments that focus on Women's Intimate Wellness, including our newest procedure, PRP Vaginal Injections. Similar to the wildly popular O-Shot, our PRP Vaginal Injections are a minimally invasive, quick in-office procedure that uses a woman's own PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to enhance her sexual vitality.

What are PRP Vaginal Injections and how do they work?

When injected, PRP, which is rich in growth factors, is reported to increase sensitivity to stimulation, maximize the probability of achieving vaginal orgasms, and improve the intensity of clitoral orgasms. Although these results cannot be guaranteed and are not scientifically proven, the anecdotal evidence is strong and reasonable to expect.

During the procedure, your provider will apply topical numbing cream to your outer vaginal region. Blood is then drawn from your arm and then spun using a centrifuge. The PRP is then extracted from your blood and prepared for injection.

We inject a small amount of your PRP near your clitoral and urethral regions — the total time of the injections lasts less than 1 minute. Patients report very little to no pain, usually just a pricking and then a fullness sensation.

What To Expect

Usually, within days after treatment, women report a noticeable improvement in sexual orgasm intensity. However, your provider may suggest undergoing re-treatment if the initial results aren't as pronounced as you desire.

According to Healthline, some supposed benefits of this type of injection can include:

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased arousal
  • Increased lubrication
  • A heightened orgasm during sex or masturbation

The treatment effects last for anywhere from 6-24 months. Many patients opt for a re-treatment when initial treatment results start to wane.

Immediately after the procedure, you may return to your regular activity, including exercise, work, and intercourse.

Reclaim Your Vitality at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics

The aging process is completely natural and certainly better than the alternative, but that doesn't mean you must accept the changes that occur. With a bevy of anti-aging and women's intimate wellness treatments available today, you can rejuvenate from head to toe and everywhere in between. To learn more about PRP Vaginal Injections, contact Morpheus Medical Aesthetics today at (707) 921-7447 for our Santa Rosa location or (415) 924-1330 for our Larkspur location.

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