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How is the program at Morpheus different?

Morpheus' eight-week weight loss program offers an ideal period to shed extra pounds while adopting healthier eating habits for sustained weight management.

Initially, a consultation with a nurse practitioner at our Santa Rosa or Larkspur locations is necessary. During this meeting, we assess your health and medical history to ensure the program's safety for you, as it may not be suitable for everyone due to certain health conditions.

Following the initial consultation, the program includes weekly visits to our office for eight weeks. In these sessions, participants have a check-up with a provider, undergo a weigh-in, and receive guidance on nutrition and physical activities. Each visit also includes a weekly treatment to support weight loss efforts and manage any potential discomfort, with additional support provided as needed to ease the adjustment process.

Should you wish to continue shedding weight after the eight-week period, options to extend the program at a reduced rate are available. However, if there is not considerable weight loss by the 8-week program's conclusion, we can offer alternative options that may better fit your needs.

The core of the program is to enhance metabolic function, leveraging our body's ability to utilize stored energy and suppress appetite. This leads to consuming fewer calories, practicing better portion control, and minimizing snacking by curbing cravings for sugars and carbs.

Sonoma County patient body photo before starting our weight loss program
Sonoma County patient body photo after her incredible weight loss

Look & feel your best with Morpheus

You deserve to look and feel your best at any age and any weight. At Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we offer a variety of impactful, confidence-boosting treatments that will change the way you walk out the door in the morning. Our goal is to have you go out into the world feeling like your most powerful self, ready to take on the day. Whether you are looking to lose pounds with our incredible weight loss program, improve or rejuvenate your complexion, we are here to support you on your aesthetic journey.


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