Incontinence Treatment with CO2RE Intima Technology

Confidence Restored! In the pursuit of well-being, issues like urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness can significantly impact one's confidence and quality of life. At Morpheus, we understand the importance of finding effective solutions, which is...

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CO₂RE Intima Vaginal Laser Treatment

At our Larkspur and Santa Rosa Med Spas, we understand the importance of personal confidence and overall well-being for every individual. Introducing the CO₂RE Intima Vaginal Laser Treatment, a cutting-edge solution designed to address a range of ...

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Doctor Marisha Chilcott from the Morpheus Medical Aesthetics medspa in Larkspur and Santa Rosa with her pet dog

Women Health Beauty Plan

Let’s us tailor a Beauty Treatment plan just for you. The consultation fee for this plan is only $150, during which we dedicate time to understand your specific beauty concerns and address them individually. This consultation takes a highly indivi...

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Morpheus Medical Aesthetics' Team

What is a Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment?

With so many different products on the market, it is challenging to figure out what treatments are worth the effort, especially when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation. Unfortunately, feminine health has always had a bit of a stigma surrounding it tha...

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