Skin Cancer Happens!

The other day, a client came in for a quick appointment that was about something totally different and just happened to mention that her hairdresser had noticed that there was a strange spot behind her ear. Both the client and the hairstylist were certain that it had not been there at her hair appointment just six weeks before…

Whether it was truly brand new in the last several weeks, or simply not noticed before then, it was definitely not a lesion that could be ignored and after a brief discussion, we decided to remove it immediately even though our office does not bill insurance. The timeliness of taking care of something while the client was in the office was important to her and it meant that she did not have to figure out another time to get off of work to get it addressed.

I am so pleased to be able to take care of things like this in the course of our regular day, rather than having to tell someone that they need to go to somewhere else! The bottom line is that if you have a spot or a bump that you are worried about, please ask your Morpheus provider to take a look at it!

The good news is that this lesion was entirely excised and although there will be a slight line scar for a few months, it will be difficult to even find in a year.

6 months after excision, the scar is barely visible.