One thing that is hard about being in the medical aesthetics industry is learning about things and wanting them done – to ourselves!  I am privileged to have wonderful colleagues both within my office and in other offices who help me “get things done.”  It is a tremendous honor to be asked by a colleague to treat them.  I was recently privileged to be asked to treat the gorgeous Sarah Briones, NP of Mill Valley’s B. So Well  <> Aesthetics in San Rafael.  This is something that I am so delighted to be able to do!

Sarah wanted to be injected with EZ Gel – the product that is made from a patient’s own blood!  We love using EZ Gel in the tear troughs to reduce the appearance of under-eye “bags” that are actually caused by hollowness.  Sarah was a great candidate, but this is not a procedure that we injectors can safely to do ourselves.  So, she visited me in the Morpheus Medical Aesthetics Marin office (in Larkspur CA).  She will have a little swelling tomorrow but check out the immediate results depicted below.  Sarah is offering this service to her clients, just as we do at Morpheus in both Santa Rosa and Larkspur. 

For people who might be interested in having EZ Gel, PRF (platelet rich fibrinogen) or PRP (platelet rich plasma) injected into their skin or bodies, it is important to know that they should not take any aspirin, ibuprofen, or other NSAIDs for at least two weeks before the treatment.  Aspirin in particular, but all most all NSAIDs (that are COX I inhibitors), cause platelet dysfunction that will render these otherwise wonderful treatments useless.

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Before and After EZ Gel Treatment