Collage of Vitamin C products from Obagi

National Vitamin C Day

Happy National Vitamin C Day! Celebrate With Our Skincare Guide.Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this week’s topic is VITAMIN C. Vitamin C is a dream product. However, not all are created equally, and there is a lot to know about this super antioxidant.Vitamin C is a must-have for all skincare regimens, which is why it has earned its role in the ABCs of Skincare (Vitamin A, UVB, and Vitamin C). Vitamin C has lots of benefits.

The heavy hitters are: Promotes cell turnover / Fights free radicals / Lightens and brightens your skin / Enhances the effects of your sunscreen (However, this does not replace sunscreen.)

The Vitamin C Skincare Products We Carry: All of our Obagi products (besides the Vitamin C Peptides) use L-Ascorbic acid. L-Ascorbic acid is the highest bioavailable and superior form of Vitamin C.

Obagi Vitamin C 10%—$93

Obagi Vitamin C 20%—$133

Obagi Clarifying Vitamin C—$139

Obagi Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask—-$84

NEW! Obagi C Peptide Complex—$113