Master Injectors Event Docotr Marisha Chilcott with Doctor Benji Dhillon

Master Injector Course with Drs. Benji Dhillon and Lee Walker

One of the most wonderful aspects of practicing medicine is the privilege to continually learn and improve. Today, I had the opportunity to train with two of the most eminent thinkers and researchers in aesthetics medicine – Dr. Benji Dhillon (@drbenjidhillon) and Dr. Lee Walker (@leewalker_academy). This training was particularly special because we were given the gift of individuals who had donated their bodies to medical training and education. Yes, this was a cadaver-based advanced course; we were able to learn from the lecturer’s vast experience, then have hands-on experience of injecting, and then dissect our donors’ faces to see that our dermal filler injections were placed as we believed. The learning was massive.

Typical medical training is largely dogmatic. The difference in today’s training was that it was based on logic and excellent reasoning, with a foundation of anatomy but an understanding that every human is unique. The leaders asked us to be thoughtful about the why of how and where we inject, rather than simply following rote patterns taught by tradition. We discussed the mechanisms of muscle physiology and the realities of how tissues change with time. These root-cause approaches were combined with the clinical evidence and the hard lessons of managing complications as we were introduced to emerging techniques for facial rejuvenation. I am pleased to take these excellent clinical pearls back to our Morpheus Medical Aesthetics Team in both Santa Rosa and Larkspur.

I am immensely grateful for the gift given by the people who donated their human remains to scientific learning and medical training.

Yours truly,

Marisha Chilcott
Doctor Marisha Chilcott

July 15th, 2023 – Santa Monica, California