Meet Miss July... Julie Stites

Julie Stites is our beautiful and radiant Miss July at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics. She is one of our exceptional Certified Nurse Practitioners and has over two decades of experience. Julie's true passion lies in Medical Aesthetics, where she finds joy in helping people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Outside of her professional life, Julie embraces adventure and joy. She treasures moments with her loving family, enjoys traveling, and actively participates in outdoor events. Exercise and hiking are dear to her heart, reflecting her commitment to holistic health and wellness.

Julie's spirit shines through as she fearlessly takes on challenges. Embracing a life-affirming philosophy, she lives each day to the fullest, cherishing the beauty of every experience that comes her way.

Julie's Favorite Products



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What is the reason behind having a Miss every month? At Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we deeply appreciate and recognize the skills of our team. Each staff member contributes a unique perspective that benefits everyone. They all have their preferred products and treatments as well as their areas of expertise. Our goal is to share their expertise with you, so each month, we select one team member to share their personal favorite MedSpa treatment and product, allowing you to benefit from their knowledge. It is also a way to better know them. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Also, join us in discovering our blog, a treasure trove of insights that delve into an array of med spa treatments. Immerse yourself in discussions about the benefits and considerations associated with various choices. Moreover, uncover a compilation of articles crafted to uplift your soul and ignite inspiration.


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